How to Be Proactive About The Zika Virus

While the Zika virus has been around since 1947, it has not been recognized as a legitimate threat to the United States until quite recently. Zika is a potent virus that is carried by mosquitoes. Until 2007, the virus was limited only to Africa. Since then, it has spread to the South Pacific and into […]

A Visit to Italy

With World Mission Sunday celebrated across the catholic churches around the globe, and fall season just on the horizons, I took time out to visit Italy this year as part of my vacation. My friend from Brescia invited me to stay with his family during the course of my sojourn in Italy. I was so […]

A Tourist Guide to North Carolina’s Outer Banks

1. Introduction Remote and removed, the thin band of interconnected barrier islands that stretch some 130 miles along the coast of North Carolina and form the Outer Banks seem more a part of the Atlantic than the continent to which they are appendaged by causeways, bridges, and ferries. Islands in and of sand, whose dunes […]

Van Rentals For Your Roadtrip

Disney World is the most magical place on earth for a reason. Located outside Orlando, in the heart of Florida, the different theme parks that comprise Disney World make it a great place to visit for kids and adults alike. If you're taking a vacation car rental, you may as well make it into the […]

The Commuter Airlines of Long Island MacArthur Airport

Introduction: Although commuter airline operations, conducted by a variety of almost-exclusively turboprop aircraft that accommodated between 19 and 50 passengers,augmented Long Island MacArthur Airport’s six-and-a-half decade scheduled service history, they were integral to its development as a regional airfield, providing both origin-and-destination and connecting, major-carrier aligned, two-letter code share links to many northeast cities with […]

Learn How the Ostrich Behaves

Ostriches are a type of bird that are considered to be flightless. The only other common flightless bird is the penguin. However, unlike penguins they are some of the tallest birds in existence and what they lack in wingspan they make up for in running speed. Their extremely long legs allow them to run up […]

Hierosonic Band Interview

Every so often, we come across a band that sets itself apart from the rest of the music scene. Whether intentional or not (and we think it is), Hierosonic is one of those bands. Formed in 2003 and hailing from Harrisburg, the members of Hierosonic have certainly proven themselves. While many others seem to be […]