Glacier International Peace Park and Beyond

[ad_1] In the Southwest corner in Alberta Canada where the prairies give way to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains is a blend of unusual geology with mild climates and an abundance of wildlife, this is Waterton Lakes National Park. Amidst the mountain peaks are clear lakes, mountain streams, colorful rocks, and cascading waterfalls which […]

All About Ocean City MD

[ad_1] Bring your family to Ocean City Md for a weekend, mini week or stay for a week or longer. Maryland Ocean City Maryland is a favorite vacation seashore destination on the Mid-Atlantic Coast, USA. Ocean City Maryland offers quality family recreation for all. When in Ocean City, Maryland visit the historic building which houses […]

Memorable Shopping Spree During Your Dog Friendly Holidays

[ad_1] There are several things you can do during your dog friendly holidays. You do not have to leave your canine friend behind because you can stay at the self-catering holiday cottages. These luxurious accommodations do not only have spacious rooms and complete amenities but also a pet-friendly environment. Famous tourist attractions all around the […]

What are the Oldest Cities in America?

[ad_1] North American Indians were on the North American continent from as early as 11,000 BCE. But these early colonizers did not live in permanent settlements and left little in the way of permanent buildings. The Anasazi built towns such as Chetro Ketl, and the great complex of abandoned towns in Chaco Canyon, in what […]

Sinclair Lewis – “The Innocents” Book Review

[ad_1] The Innocents by Sinclair Lewis was one of two novels published in 1917. The full title of this work is The Innocents: A Story for Lovers and was originally a collection of serialized stories for a women’s magazine. It was Sinclair Lewis’s last distinctive pulp novel. The Innocents, Plot Summary: The first characters introduced […]